Riyadh Book Fair goes app mode with Daffodil software

With over 600,000 books by over 900 publishing houses, represented by 400 exhibitors, The International Book Fair event was inaugurated on 9th March 2016 at the Riyadh International Convention & Exhibition Center, Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and scheduled for 10 consecutive days.

The Fair received more than two million visitors of all ages and social strata who, not only enjoyed the Fair but also participated in the accompanying activities, cultural events, literary seminars and workshops. It was curious to notice the Fair’s uniqueness due to immeasurable focus on social initiatives and activities to educate people about foreign countries.

One of the driving story behind the success of the fair was integration of mobile apps to facilitate the management of the fair.

Saeed Wadah, Senior Project Manager – Flagship Projects, representing Riyadh Book Fair Event said, “Time was of the essence here and we wanted Arabic text printing on six hundred eighty printers which by default did not supported Arabic language printing. We did not want any back-end database support for transactions because all verification regarding purchases were done on the spot” he added, “In such a scenario we needed someone with superlative skills in building mobile apps and we were lucky to find Daffodil Software”

Daffodil Software is a leading Indian IT company with over 16 years of expertise in IT solutioning and more recently one of the top Indian companies to readily advance in the mobile app development arena.

Rajat Chugh, GM, IT Services – Daffodil Software, mentioned, “We were faced with tight deadlines and to deliver with utmost efficiency we decided to dedicate two different teams, one for the backend app and another for the client facing app.”

Rajat Added, “We used multiple configurations to ensure receipts are printed in the Arabic language in the expected behaviour. Client expectations were quite clear and the time within which the project was to be delivered was tight but we pulled through in flying colors.”

“The apps built were optimum to handle the massive traffic before and during the fair. There were regular internal reviews and the interface was made simple for a good user experience,” Rajat concluded.

Yogesh Agarwal, CEO Daffodil Software, said “It was our privilege to work for a multi million dollar event organised by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We are happy to hear the success stories of this event.”

Wadah added, “We are glad we found Daffodil Software and thankful for the huge support they provided. It was one of the best experience, in terms of outsourcing and communication, we have ever had in our journey with Flagship.”

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