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Earlier this month Print Drives America had another ad in the national print edition of the Wall Street Journal. The ad headlined “PRINT IS GREEN” is one of four ads that Print Drives America uses to dispel myths about PRINT and encourage the use of PRINT. The ad was placed on the first right hand page of the Business section. The paid print circulation of the Wall Street Journal is in excess of one million.

The ‘Print is Green’ ad emphasized the positive use of Print advertising over digital advertising, pointing out that Print is the best environmental choice. The paper used for printing is not only renewable, but also recyclable versus digital advertising where 24/7 energy is used to transmit data among millions of plastic, metal and glass devices which quickly become permanent landfill.

The other ads created by the Print Drives America Foundation include “PRINT IS COOL” which points out that PRINT is perceived as favorable to the Gen Z and Millennial generations; “PRINT IS HIGH TECH” that explains that PRINT today harnesses the best marketing technology that precisely targets recipients and “PRINT IS COLASSAL” that details why PRINT is the largest communications media, larger than broadcast and online media and all other media combined.

Many are surprised that PRINT is the largest media. Of fifteen PRINT categories, labels and packaging is the biggest, and in 2020 became the first PRINT category to exceed one trillion dollars. Beyond labels and packaging, other PRINT categories going through the roof are book printing, corrugated, direct mail, advertising inserts and catalogs.

In addition to our Wall Street Journal ads, Print Drives America provides a full court press of hundreds of speeches, press conferences, keynotes, webinars, plus trade ads, direct mail posters and other promotional tools. Our impressive press coverage is sustained by four years of hundreds of press releases

Files for the ads are available to all, printers, vendors and publications. They may customize the ads with their own company signatures. Posters and mailing pieces are also available.

Print Drives America is the champion and cheerleader of the National Print Industry and they have become the voice of the industry. Printers have pointed out that they like the razor sharp focus that Print Drives America pays to increasing print’s market share over other media that compete with print for budget dollars.

The Print Drives America Foundation and their Executive Director, Marty Maloney presents print as a media not just as a manufacturing activity. This truly unique way of treating print allows it to be measured favorably against media that it competes with such as broadcast and new media. Maloney has conducted decades of research that proves that the multiple platforms of print dwarf all other media by far.

Maloney is considered a true media expert and his expertise and research stems from his thirty plus year association with New York University where he served on the board of NYU’s Masters Programs in Strategic Communication, Marketing and Media Management and was elected and served a multiple year term as Board Chair. He has created and continues to teach several media and business courses in NYU’s graduate school. Maloney’s academic experience is complemented by his market experience of heading up Broadford & Maloney Inc., a global advertising, marketing and PR agency that he founded in 1984.

Print Drives America constantly delivers good news about printing platforms such as the remarkable resurgence and acceptance of direct mail across all ages and the big increases of printed books, as well as the continued gains in labels and packaging and the spread of free standing inserts to newspapers, direct mail and yes, packages.

Print Drives America gives print a stronger voice to communicate print’s attractive features that create a strong consumer preference for print, demonstrates its amazing ROI, and to advances print’s leadership position. We make print attractive to all, erase the misinformation about print and greatly enhance print’s positive perception. Print today is an increasingly high-tech industry that produces collateral materials, magazines, books, direct mail, newspapers, catalogs, labels, packaging, out-of-home media, signage and scores of other print categories. Print in the aggregate makes print the largest communications media of all. Our goal is to increase the perception of print as well as to meaningfully increase print’s market share”.

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