Pen Printing Press upgrades to Ricoh 7100X

Pen Printing Press in Ajman has installed a Ricoh 7100X digital cut sheet printing machine for its high quality and speedy delivery. The new machine which replaces the Ricoh 751 at the press has been acquired from the same supplier Giffin Graphics.

Sunny Thomas, general manager, Pen Printing Press, points out that digital technology is inevitable for speedy delivery of short run jobs.

“In this market it is always highly advisable to prepare a dummy and get the approval from clients before the final print. Naturally this will lead to less rejection with regard to color matching. Digital is best option for proofing,” says Sunny.

Pen Printing is seeking new business opportunities with the Ricoh 7100X. Sunny indicates that although the present market conditions are highly unpredictable, he hopes to recover the investment within 24 months.

“This investment will enable us to venture into new areas such as low quantity business folders, business cards, gift boxes, PVC stickers, PU form printing, and poster printing. An additional attraction is the flexibility of using paper from 80 to 350 gsm including special papers. We hope to attract many clients through quick delivery of business cards. Also we need to develop the market of small printed gift boxes with PU forms and Rexin,” says Sunny.

Jaison P. Jose, Giffin Graphics manager – prepress division adds: “Pen Printing Press has reinforced its partnership with Giffin Graphics by adopting the Ricoh 7100X to grow in a competitive industry. The investment opens up new revenue opportunities in light packaging, demo packaging, direct mail, books, brochures and business cards for Pen Printing.”

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