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Paper Arabia to highlight growth in paper industry

Paper Arabia 2013, the MENA’s premier specialized event for the paper industry will be held at the Dubai International Exhibition Centre on 24-26 September 2013.

Satish Khanna, General Manager, Al Fajer Information and Services, organizers of Paper Arabia 2013 said: “Growth in import of paper products can be linked to rising incomes and lifestyle changes, and in part to Dubai and the UAE as a transit hub. Dubai is host to several hospitality and conference clusters, which continually need specialized printing services and paper products.”

China and Indonesia are the key source of import, accounting for a quarter of paper brought into the UAE. Germany comes third, accounting for 8.1% of Dubai’s imports, followed by India (6.9%) and United States of America (6.9%), Italy (4.4%) and Finland (3.6%). Other markets account for approximately 27.9% of Dubai’s imports

Khanna added: “The most important determinant for growth in the medium to long term is the use of paper in tandem with product packaging and sales which are inexorably linked to population demographics. Papers manufacturers say that packaging accounts for a large proportion of paper consumption.”

Key industry players will be showcasing their latest products and solutions for the entire production chain, from pulp to packaging, distribution, wholesales/retailing, trading and marketing products in the three day show.

Paper Arabia 2013 comes at a time the paper industry is registering spectacular growth with several production centers and paper converting businesses flourishing.

Khanna added: “Paper Arabia, with more than 110 exhibitors from 23 countries from across the world, will be a key platform for traders and industry players to interact. The show’s participants include leading global names from the paper, tissue, packaging and converting sectors.”

He added that participants will include leading global names from France, USA, UK, India, China, Germany, Taiwan, Indonesia, Austria, Finland, Italy and other countries.

The paper, tissue and converting industries will be displaying latest technologies at the show. A wide array of machinery products targeting paper mills will be displayed, along with a range of household paper for end users.

The show in its sixth edition attracts elite players from the paper, tissue and converting industry. It offers opportunities for manufactures and suppliers of finished products, equipment, machinery, paper chemicals, services, supplies of paper, tissue and converting sector to access the Middle East and North African markets.

Major companies are participating in the show such as Orient Links Co. (LLC), a leading international paper marketing company in Asia, which is the authorized representative for several Paper & Packaging manufacturers from India and Far East. The company is the single largest exporter of Indian Paper Industry in writing & printing grades.

Mepco Gulf, a leading paper & board trader in the Middle East, North Africa and Indian sub-continent, is also participating at the show. This company has been gaining trust from its customers and suppliers and positioned itself as a reliable, professional and trustworthy partner.

ADNPM from Abu Dhabi will be another key player. The mill is an emerging market leader, offering products which are manufactured to global standards, and most sought after by local, regional and international converters. It produces jumbo tissue rolls that are used in making table napkins, kitchen and hand towels, and facial and toilet tissues, in white and a range of other FDA-approved colors.

Another top international exhibitor is VanTek, Inc. The company has been serving the Pulp & Paper Industry since 1984 and has grown into a worldwide leading source and supplier of used pulp and paper equipment and complete mills. They are located in Vancouver, Washington, USA with representative agents in China, India, Vietnam, Thailand and Europe.

VanTek specializes in the sales of idled paper machines, related components, complete pulp & paper mills, as well as power plants from North America and Europe to clients all around the world.

For buyers of used equipment, VanTek has developed a strong global network of sources for used pulp mill and paper equipment ranging from single components to complete idled pulp mills, paper mills, power plants, and is able to offer its clients a variety of pulp and paper machines, complete mills and related components, and a diverse range of specialized services.

According to industry figures published by UN Comtrade, the UAE imported approximately AED 4.6 billion worth of paper products in 2011, compared to AED 3.1 billion in 2007, representing cumulative annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10%.

Dubai accounted for over 80% of paper imports valued at AED 3.8 billion, according to the same source.

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