PACKTEC Promotes Tunisia’s Packaging with Star Pack Contest

The Tunisian Technical Center for Packaging and Conditioning (PACKTEC) recently organized a half-day briefing session on Tunisia Star Pack 2024, the national packaging competition held annually along with the Tunisian Student Star Pack contest. The day brought together manufacturers from the packaging, printing, crafts, and agri-food sectors, as well as representatives from the pharmaceutical industry.

Based on the new rules of the packaging contest, product categories will be broadly divided into two: ‘Visual Packaging’ and ‘Technical’ categories.

Products in the Visual Packaging category will be judged on the basis of different criteria, such as innovation, attractiveness, purchase incentives, and practicality. The category is further divided into three sections. The ‘Mass Consumption’ section includes fast-moving products such as those from the F&B, beauty and healthcare, and homecare segments. The new ‘Luxury’ section covers food, beverages, and cosmetics packaging. The evaluation criteria for these two categories are numerous, based on product identification and shelf branding, the practicality and ergonomics of packaging, logistics management, product adaptation, innovative printing techniques, and consideration of the environmental aspect.

Tunisia Star Pack 2024

The third section in the category is ‘Handicraft Products’. Since 2022, Tunisia Star Pack is being organized in partnership with the National Office of Handicrafts (ONAT), open to all primary, secondary, and tertiary packaging; packaging accessories and materials; and packaging systems.

In the ‘Technical’ category, criteria for improvement of packaging, productivity gains, and ease of implementation at the manufacturing and distribution stages will be examined.

PACKTEC – a World Packaging Organisation (WPO) member – was established in 1996 to support packaging and conditioning companies in upgrading their products to meet export market requirements. Focus areas include packaging materials, food packaging safety, dangerous goods packaging, printing works, and transport.

PACKTEC operates through its various dedicated labs and its assistance, training, and packaging design programmes. It also organizes events and promotions such as Tunisia Star Pack competition, Tunisian Student Star Pack competition, and Packaging Days, and ensures the monitoring of national and international regulations.

Registration will be open until 30 May, 2024. 

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