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Packaging Producer Plastica Goes for AVT Print Inspection Solutions

SC Plastica SRL is a company that was founded as a family company in 1992 by Ioan Holdis and his wife. Plastica originally focused on producing polyethylene packaging. Then, as the market developed and Plastica won large retail jobs, the Holdis family realized they would need to invest in state-of-the-art printing equipment.

Several rounds of major investments between 1997 and 2013 were instrumental in propelling the company toward its current focus on producing packaging for the pharmaceuticals, food and agricultural products industries. Looking beyond printing capabilities  Having acquired some of the most advanced printing and laminating solutions available, Plastica soon saw that its printing equipment lacked vital capabilities in the areas of print process control and error detection, tracking, selection, and marking.

Ioan Holdis, Plastica’s General Manager, says they decided that the next investments would have to bring them those missing capabilities. Fast-forward to 2018, when the Plastica management team decided to make new investments, this time, to help control and optimize the entire production process. A review of the market soon drew Plastica’s attention to AVT, a leader in print process control, quality assurance, and press control.  

At that time, the company added an AVT Argus Turbo HD 100% Inspection system to its existing Comexi printing press, to detect, record, mark and eliminate defects in the production process. Dramatic bottom-line benefits  Soon after installation, the AVT system’s advantages were strongly apparent. Holdis says, “With this easy-to-operate system, we were able to reduce production costs by 25%, increase productivity by 30%, and also reduce preparation time for all jobs.” 

The clear benefits of the AVT Argus Turbo HD installation prompted Plastica to invest in additional AVT solutions. First, Plastica added AVT’s Workflow Link to connect its printing and finishing equipment. Then, it installed the AVT Apollo Multi-Stop inspection and waste control solution. “Through these AVT solutions, we eliminated all the faults we had in the production process. As a result, customers are now 100% satisfied with the delivered products,” notes Ioldis. “We now have 100% print inspection and 100% error detection. With these advantages, we are able to produce more, and we have completely eliminated the risks of non-compliant products.” 

Ultimately, the printed film rolls are delivered to the customer without any defects. “With AVT, we have managed to deliver the perfect package and achieve 100% customer satisfaction,” concludes Holdiș.

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