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Oman’s ITHCA Group Invests in 3D Printing Technology

Oman’s ITHCA Group has announced its investment in technology company InnoTech to expand the use of 3D printing technology in real estate development.

The investment in InnoTech, a Muscat-based company specialized in innovative 3D printing services and educational technologies, aims to enhance the real estate sector by exploring innovative solutions and integrating knowledge and technology. InnoTech has achieved a milestone as the first company in the Middle East to construct a building with a locally developed 3D printer using locally sourced materials.

ITHCA Group’s Senior Manager – Investments and Business Development Saif Al Abri stated that the main aim behind investing in InnoTech is to revolutionise the industry by deviating from conventional methods. “This technology comes with several advantages, including the localization of specialized technicians in real estate development, support for workers in the sector, and keeping pace with global technological advancements. By leveraging Industry 4.0 technologies, ITHCA Group aims to contribute to economic growth and expedite project completion,” explains Al Abri.

Expressing his satisfaction with the partnership and investment from ITHCA Group, Othman Al Mandhari, founder and CEO at InnoTech, says, “ITHCA Group is looking forward to expanding the utilization of 3D technology in real estate development. Considering that cement is one of the most extensively used materials in construction worldwide, the field of real estate development faces significant challenges, such as high labour costs and expensive building materials used in traditional construction. Consequently, there’s a global race to automate this sector, and InnoTech has taken on the responsibility of developing this innovative technology, aiming to become one of the leading additive manufacturing companies in the Middle East.”

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