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NOFVI Calls For Establishment of a New Press

National Organization for Visually Impaired (NOFVI) in Wahran, Algeria warned that the country is in desperate need of a modern digital press for the production of Braille books. During a press conference Lehwali Muhammad director of organization said that the visually impaired not only are facing health and social issues but they are also finding it very difficult to get hold of Braille books, whichare essential for their intellectual development.

According to Mohammad the lack of Braille books is causing serious problems for the students who have to pay an exorbitant sum to buy them. At the moment each book costs 3000 Algerian dinars or $38 USD. In order to tackle the problem the organization conducted a feasibility study for the establishment of a printing press specialized in production
of school books in Braille.

The study was then submitted to the Ministry of Social Welfare in 2010. So far no action has been taken by the ministry.

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