Newspaper Press to Open in Illizi Province

Mohammed Saeed, Algerian Minister of Communication recently announced the government’s decision on the construction of a new printing house for newspapers in the province of Illizi, located in southeast of Algiers. During a press briefing the minister said that the new printing house will also produce textbooks, magazines and other printed products.

The minister said that three other southern provinces including Tamanrasset, Adrar and Tindouf will also find the opportunity to use the services of the new printing house. According to Mohammad Saeed the total cost of project has been estimated at 400 million dinars which is roughly equal to 5 million USD. The project will kick start by November next year.

Officials expect the new press will give a boost to the publishing industry, in the south west of Algiers, by publishing local newspapers and magazines in house, while at the same time solving the distribution problems caused by the lack of a modern printing house in the region.

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