New Printing Presses To Be Built

Iraq’s Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research with the collaboration of private sector opened last month a new Printing Press in Bab al-Moazzam area of Baghdad.

The printing press is set to produce high quality textbooks and various publications for the both public and private sectors.

The new Printing press is part of the ministry’s plan for the development and rehabilitation of Iraqi universities, which are in desperate need of textbooks and academic publications. The new Printing press is equipped with the latest equipment and modern printing technologies for high – quality printing.”

In an exclusive interview with ME Printer, Dr. Qasim Mohammad Doss, Undersecretary for Administrative Affairs of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, said “Our strategy is to enable universities to carry out their own printing operations in house using modern and efficient technology.”

More than 150 people are working in the new press. It is built over an area of 40 thousand square meters and on the ruins of an old printing house which was looted and destroyed in 2004. The press is fully equipped with the latest 8, 5 and 2 Heidelberg print printing equipment as well as CTP, finishing, cutting and saddle stitcher machines. 

According to Mohammad Doss new equipment and solutions for security printing operations including production of smart and identity cards will be added to the existing installations.

Mohammad Dos says despite all the unrest and instability in Iraq there is huge potential for foreign investors.  Iraq’s economy is growing and government is soldering on with its development plan.  

“We are working on new projects for the development of printing industry. Based on our plan new printing presses for Universities of Baghdad, Mosul and Basra will be built. Our target is to stop outsourcing print completely and enable our institutions to be self-sufficient in matters of print,” concludes Dos Mohammad. 

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