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Monotype Goes Creative with Latest Type Designs

American-based, leading font and technology specialists Monotype has released its ‘Annual Type Trends Report 2023: The Latest in Type Design’, unlocking a world of typographic possibility that takes a leap to turn the widest creative ideas into reality with hassle-free, streamlined, and simple fonts.

The ten freshly updated trends identified by Monotype showcases how expressions and digital touchpoints are becoming increasingly important to brands. The report provides a global snapshot into how the design world is moving at an incredible speed to inspire and connect to brands through innovative typography technology on different digital platforms.

Creative type director at Monotype Terrance Weinzierl explains, “Type is a gateway to an entire conversation around technology and current trends. This report is an educational collection of work that fascinates and excites us and, most importantly, represents a ripple coursing through the ocean of design. Through these trends we provide perspective of how our daily life is impacting letterforms.”

Among the latest type designs, Superhero has burst onto the scene as a post-pandemic, playful spirit font, boasting outlines and shadows having a happy, playful comic book vibe, potentially inspired by global popularity and saturation of comic book movies, while the aptly-named Super Sober offers simplicity and stands out in a noisy landscape of competing apps, brands, and notifications which is often black and white, simple and centered.

A font that represents diversity and a powerful and varied visual pairing is Match Maker that reflects this generations’ attitudes, goals, and values, while Smart Grid is a blend of art and science, built on grid structures that have been selectively softened and cut with precision and sophistication, and Flux, a collection of variable fonts, including icons that are moving into unchartered three-dimensional spaces.

“Though many of our trends are expanded and inspired by past themes of what we saw in 2022, this report also represents the future of design, and in many ways, a guide to interpreting the world around us,” says Emilios Theofanous, creative type director at Monotype.

“As we’ve produced several trend reports over the years, we see this observation as a celebration of incredible global typography, a summary view of how creativity has flourished in infertile grounds with passion and purpose,” adds Theofanous.

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