MACtac And Al Shabak Celebrates 15 Years of Business

MACtac, the specialized company in providing self-adhesive solutions and Al Shabak General Trading organized a special event last month to celebrate 15 years of successful business ties in Le Meridian Dubai. The event was attended by representatives of MACtac and Al Shabak along with a number of customers and media.

 Vishy Raman, general manager of Al Shabak General Trading said, “We and MACtac are more like a family. We have invested all our resources, efforts and energy in building the MACtac brand. I still remember when we started our relationship for the first time in 1988, we used to import only two containers but today we import more than 40 containers. “

He continued, “The market needs new products with high quality. The competition is increasing especially from Chinese products, and it is our duty to keep our customers informed about the different kinds of products that can be used in their business. People here always ask about the latest products available in the market, for example if they see some car wrappings with high quality material they would immediately request for it. They look forward to obtain high-quality materials and we have succeeded in providing the requisite material. “

William Vandeparre, Vice President, Mactac Europe added, “As Vishy said we are more of a family. We do not deal with distributors who only move boxes, but deal with those who have confidence in the products they are dealing with and the market. “

He continued: “Dubai is still an attractive and active market compared to central European markets. It’s a market that gives you many innovative ideas and also opens up many possibilities.”

He continued, “The signage market in general is developing, and competition in digital signage such as LED is also growing. We are in a market where every week you will find new applications and solutions. We as a manufacturer would like to help our distributors in creating new ideas and provide them the latest solutions. “

“For example we in MACtac made an innovative technology in pattern application for absorbing odours. This self adhesive solution with molecules can absorb bad odours. Thanks to our suppliers and producers, we have been able to generate new business opportunities for printers.”

 Taking about the relationship between MACtac and Al Shabak in the coming years, Vishy said, “As I said earlier, we are one family. We did not think in promoting any other brand, and we’ve always brought good news for MACtac and will keep continuing that.”


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