L.A. Gallery To Display Arabic, Iranian Typography And Calligraphy Works

A modern collection of Arabic and Iranian typography and calligraphy works was put on display in an exhibition, opened June 26 at the Inside/Outside Gallery of the Levantine Cultural Center in Los Angeles, USA.

The US based Syrian graphic designer Maece Seirafi and the US based Iranian graphic designer Puya Jahanshahi jointly curate the exhibit entitled Local/Not Local, the organizers have announced.

The exhibit, which will run until August 29, showcases works by Ebrahim Pustinchi, Milka Broukhim, Kurosh Beigpur, Sam Anvari, Paymon Pojhan and Shilla Shakuri, Reem Hammad, and Yusef Al-Ahmad.

The designers come from all over the Middle East but now base themselves in California.

“Arabic and Iranian typography is alive and well, relevant even in the United States, as these artists prove when they share their commissioned work or personal projects,” the organizers said.

“From bringing ancient calligraphy into the modern world, to linking Western and Eastern design practices, Local Not Local is an exhibit guaranteed to shake up what you think you know about Middle Eastern art,” they added.

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