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Kuwait Supplies CTP Equipment to Yemen

The Yemen Ministry of Education in the temporary capital of Aden and the Kuwait Humanitarian Society For Relief signed an agreement for supplying 3 CTP (Computer to plate) equipment to Yemen.

During the signing ceremony, the Yemeni Minister of Education, Dr. Abdullah Salem Lamlas said that the request for CTP equipment was submitted more than 3 years ago. The Kodak CTP machines will be used to streamline and improve textbook printing operation in Aden.

The Minister also stressed the importance of resuming printing operation of the school books using state of the art printing equipment as soon as possible.

Dr. Muhammad Omar Basaleem, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Education underscored the importance of the new Kodak CTP kits, which soon will be shipped to Aden and Mukalla. The machines will be installed in three printing presses in Aden and Mukalla. According to Dr. Basaleem the total cost of the equipment is $ 700,000.  Kuwait Humanitarian Society For Relief also provided 3 electrical generators at a cost of approximately $ 200,000, one of which was installed in Al-Mualla press and the other two in Hadramawt printing house

Dr. Basaleem, also added that following the installations of equipment and required training of operators the machines will be used to speed up the printing of textbooks for Yemeni students.

Dr. Adel Baeshen, head of the Kuwait Humanitarian Society For Relief in Aden, says that a number of basic education projects will be implemented in some of the 16 governorates of Yemen during coming months. The total amount of investment for the implementation of projects Is approximately $1,400,000 dollars.

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