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Konica Minolta Launches New Version of Marketplace

Konica Minolta has unveiled a new version of MarketPlace. Currently available in 133 countries, MarketPlace offers a wide variety of cloud, scan, productivity, information, and security apps that allow users to quickly increase the power of their Konica Minolta MFPs, as well as the new Workplace Hub IT infrastructure. MarketPlace now comes standard with all Konica Minolta bizhub i-Series devices, ensuring that users can easily access the tools needed to increase productivity and enhance daily operations.

The customers can connect MFPs to various cloud services, allowing them to print files from, or scan files directly into desired cloud repositories. In addition, MarketPlace has become a global billing system by integrating into Konica Minolta’s ERP systems, enabling consumption-based billing and increasing operational efficiencies. MarketPlace keeps track of each customer’s usage and ensures they are only invoiced for that amount. Further, with its revolutionary, web-based Design Tool, customers can create or request custom-designed MFP User Interfaces (UIs) that are tailored to their way of working. With the MFP UIs, customers can effectively improve their daily business operations.

Furthermore, Konica Minolta has been named as one of the global top 100 IT vendors – according to Gartner’s recently published “Market Insight: Gartner Global Top 100 IT Vendors in 2018.” For Konica Minolta, four crucial value fields come together in its Connected Office:

Connect IT – helps customers to empower and simplify their IT, utilising hybrid IT services or providing managed IT services and so on.

Connect Security – ensures the safety of the entire office, including IoT devices and multi-functional peripherals (MFPs).

Connect People – supports the organisation in improving workflows and providing tools for creativity.

Connect Work – provides the latest and most suitable business apps, brought together in one store: The Konica Minolta MarketPlace. Along with Connect People, it helps in leveraging the full potential of the company’s employees.

With MarketPlace, Konica Minolta takes another step towards becoming a leading company in rethinking today’s workplace and redefining the way organisations work. The Konica Minolta MarketPlace is not only an app store for bizhub devices, but it is the core platform where our customers can add functionality to their IoT devices.

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