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Koenig & Bauer Wins BCM Award

BCM Award honours content-driven corporate communication projects

Koenig & Bauer won gold at Europe’s largest awards ceremony for content marketing yesterday in Vienna. The jubilee box, designed in collaboration with Hamburg-based design agency MUTABOR, celebrating the press manufacturer’s 200th anniversary was the only entry to win over the jury in three categories. The box’s content bridges the past to the present and consists of a book, a brochure and a poster set.

The BCM Award honours outstanding content that creates relevance and added value for the recipient. The three components of the anniversary box “People, machines, ideas” underline how Koenig & Bauer has driven change in the print industry. The fictional-style history book “People” expands the boundaries of corporate publishing – twelve scenes, twelve portraits of people, landmarks and their moments of fate. The poster set “machines” uses elaborate informative graphics to convey the fascination of printing.

Thirteen posters show superior machines and tell the story of printing. The magazine “Ideas” looks to the future. It focuses on the richness, range and innovative strength of the print industry, whose technologies are interwoven with every industry. It tells us what’s possible today, what’s coming tomorrow and what global trends will make Koenig & Bauer look positively to the future.

“People, machines, ideas” has been published in English and German with a total circulation of 10,000 copies. “The process of transforming our brand was intense and exciting. MUTABOR has helped us to make the innovative power that Koenig & Bauer has demonstrated for over 200 years more visible and perceptible,” explains Claus Bolza-Schünemann, president and CEO of Koenig & Bauer.

At the award ceremony, Sven Ritterhoff, associated partner and creative director at MUTABOR added: “We are delighted that this award has rewarded our very profound work in terms of design and content. The idea for “People, machines, ideas”, as part of a large-scale brand relaunch, arose from many direct encounters with people at Koenig & Bauer. Koenig & Bauer’s overall presence is a 360-degree project par excellence.”

MUTABOR has worked with Koenig & Bauer on its new brand identity since 2017.   The world’s oldest press manufacturer got a brand makeover as part of its celebrations surrounding the company’s 200th anniversary. The brand makeover ranges from a completely new brand look, the naming scheme, corporate design and corporate publishing to press product design. MUTABOR worked closely with Grauel Publishing and Design 3 on the implementation of the project.

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