Kodak Prinergy Workflow Celebrates 20 Years at 2019 GUA Conference

Kodak has announced that this year’s GUA Conference will commemorate 20 years of Kodak Prinergy Workflow software. This year’s conference will feature presentations, demonstrations, university classes, and workshops to support growth and sustainability for printing businesses in the ever-changing print marketplace.

Attendees will immerse themselves in new ideas, renew their vision, and challenge their thinking in New Orleans from May 13-16. Conference highlights include:

  • How to Make $1 Million with Your Workflow: Pat McGrew, Keypoint Intelligence
  • 2019 and Beyond – The Future of Kodak Software and Your Business
  • One-on-one interaction with Kodak’s executive team
  • Interactive Round Table Discussions with Prinergy Product Team
  • GUA’s Famous INNOVATION TECHNOLOGY LAB – address technical questions and get one-on-one technology demonstrations with subject matter experts

Kodak will also host a 20th Anniversary Celebratory Dinner Reception on May 14th to recognize Prinergy’s history and set the stage for its future, with industry keynote speakers, awards, and commemoration. Todd Bigger, President, Kodak Solutions Division, & Vice President of Eastman Kodak Company commented; “The focus of the GUA is to ensure our members are up to date with the latest technology, promote knowledge sharing and provide first class networking opportunities. This year’s GUA Conference remains true to these principles, while also featuring a number of new innovations which keeps the event fresh and relevant. With the additional celebrations for the 20th anniversary of Kodak Prinergy we would urge all those who can make room in their busy schedules to join us.”

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