Kama Launches AutoBraille

The Dresden-based press manufacturer KAMA is launching an efficient solution for inline embossing of Braille. The newly developed AutoBraille for the FF 52i fully automatic folder-gluer is highly automated and offers minimum makeready times, reproducibility and easy handling for the operator – ideal for the production of folding cartons for the pharmaceuticals market, which must be marked with Braille in Europe.

KAMA’s AutoBraille for inline embossing of Braille scores points for its high level of automation.

KAMA AutoBraille is the only system on the market with a pair of embossing wheels that can be automatically adjusted across the full width of the press. This means that all embossing positions that are possible on the blank can be approached in a self-controlled manner: from the left to the right flap, without a second module, or “reverse”. This simplifies production and calculation and saves valuable time. KAMA AutoBraille embosses up to five lines of standardised Braille and uses commercially available Braille tools. For the rare case that a box is to have two Braille embossings, the KAMA module offers a second pair of embossing wheels.

Fully automatic in position

On KAMA AutoBraille, the main pair of braille wheels moves fully automatically to the calculated position for the embossing field. The transport belts are also machine-controlled and guide the blank with high transport safety on both sides of the braille wheel. Following a double-sheet detector with ejection, the Braille dots are embossed and the Braille wheel is positioned for the next blank in milliseconds by a servo motor. The tool change is also ingeniously solved: the patrix plate for the respective job is automatically fed in at Braille Kit 1 – similar to plate changing in offset printing.

Compared to Braille embossing in the die-cutter, the new inline solution delivers substantial savings in tooling costs and makeready time. A further advantage is the greater process reliability offered by Braille application on the individual blank at the end of the value-added chain.

Fastest job changes, easy handling

With the new embossing system the Dresden-based company is extending its competitive advantage of “fastest job changeover” for the FF 52i folder-gluer. “We see applications in the manufacture of folding cartons for pharmaceuticals, healthcare and cosmetics products, as well as on-demand packaging and for web2pack customers, where short delivery times and short to medium runs are essential,” says KAMA managing director Steffen Pieper. “Fully equipped with AutoBraille we now offer a complete solution for the production of folding cartons in the pharmaceutical industry”. The press and AutoBraille are easy to operate and new staff are quickly trained.

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