Jordan’s Central Bank Issues New Banknote

The Central Bank of Jordan (CBJ) has announced the circulation of a newly-designed Jordanian dinar (JD) 1 banknote with enhanced security features, starting 26 December, 2022.

The new JD1 note is part of the fifth issue of banknotes. According to CBJ officials, other denominations including JD5, JD10, JD20, and JD50 will gradually enter circulation and will be interchangeable with the banknotes being currently used.

The new issue, the first in 20 years, includes upgraded, durable paper quality in addition to the most cutting-edge security features.

The newly-designed banknotes have the image of the pink-breasted, pretty, and very vocal Sinai rosefinch (Carpodacus synoicus), the stunning national bird of Jordan. The species was chosen as the national symbol because of the male bird’s crimson-pink plumage which matches the red sandstone landscape of Petra, the historic and archaeological city, dubbed the ‘red rose city’ of Jordan.

Jordan's new currency

The new banknotes have six visible signs including the watermark conforming to the printed image of the late King of Hejaz Sharif Hussein ibn Ali which appears on the front of the note, the hidden denomination of 1 that appears against light, the 3D security thread and the holographic patch with a 3D 7-looped star which are visible on the banknote on tilting, and the tactile effect of raised print for the visually impaired.

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