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Ipex 2014 Master Classes To Promote Business Growth

Ipex 2014 has released further details on its comprehensive content programme, providing an update on its Master Classes.

Organised by Printfuture’s Neil Falconer, the Master Classes – which will focus on the theme business growth and production efficiency for SME printers – will cover an inspiring blend of sales, production efficiency and technical development themes. The interactive sessions have been designed to provide participants with at least three proven practical actions to take away that will make a positive difference to their business in today’s competitive market – whether it’s saving money, growing profitable revenue streams or increasing the overall value of their business.

“Today’s SME printer faces challenges from all angles and is under increasing pressure to improve business results just to survive,” says Neil Falconer, Managing Director of Printfuture. “There are a fantastic range of new print-related applications and market opportunities to take advantage of, but first and foremost you have to get the basics right. In all the consultancy work that we do for SME printers, even the bigger, more digital and cross media savvy ones are often let down by a lack of planning, inefficient production and an ineffective sales process. The Ipex Master Classes will help them improve in these areas.”  

Each of the two theatres will have a theme for the day, with an engaging mixture of practical sessions and inspiring case studies. A daily ‘Ask the Expert’ lunchtime panel debate will explore a range of relevant topics that will help printers audit their current sales and marketing approach and identify additional digital and cross media service opportunities to expand their business. Topics include:

Colour management – how colour management can save you money and grow sales

Environment – how your green credentials can reduce costs and attract new business

Business management – how business planning can make you more profitable

Workflow – determining the best software and workflows solutions that are right for your business

Web-to-print – planning and profiting from W2P

Selling ‘new’ print – solution selling for higher margins and sales conversion

Market intelligence – how to become an expert and win clients with better business intelligence

Marketing ‘new’ print – practical marketing tips for printers and how to utilise marketing to grow revenues

Sales techniques – how to recruit, grow added-value sales, attract profitable clients and profile existing client base

Wide format – how to plan for wide format implementation and where to make money in the wide format market

Packaging – how to successfully enter the packaging market

Finance –  key factors when making investments and top ten financial tips for small companies

Falconer continues: “The Master Class sessions are focused on the here and now. There will be practical support not just for the owner of the print business but also for his sales and production team. The sessions are designed to be the best day you never spent in the office – it is a fantastic opportunity to learn from a great line-up of industry experts.”

Trevor Crawford, Event Director, Ipex 2014, comments: “Ipex 2014 has been developed as a source of information and education for everyone in the print and communications industry, and the Master Classes are an important part of this. Designed and overseen by print experts, these sessions will go back to basics and ensure that the right foundations are there to be a successful print enterprise.”

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