interpack 2023 Pioneers “Women in Packaging”

If women exchange ideas, they can profit, and with them so can the entire sector. With this is mind, interpack is consciously bringing together women leaders from the global sector for the trade fair to be held in Düsseldorf from 4-10 May, 2023. Under the title “Women in Packaging”, interpack is promoting an exchange for the first time with an event organized by women for women. To be held on 8 May, 2023, the programme features a panel discussion with some of the top speakers from all over the world as well as opportunities for networking. The event is supported by the World Packaging Organisation (WPO), offering its worldwide network.

Like many other sectors, even the packaging and processing industry has over the years been predominantly shaped by men, with women in leading positions being a rarity. Yet, companies have come to benefit from introducing more diversity, new impulses, and different perspectives, especially in light of the increasing scarcity of trained professionals. “Women in Packaging” at interpack draws attention to barriers and focuses on the sector as an attractive place to work.

Women in Packaging

Role models and inspirations

Internationally successful business heads, marketing experts, and founders of companies will give visitors a chance to hear and learn from their success stories, profit from advice, and gain valuable information about the latest trends and developments in the sector. The panel of expert speakers who will be sharing their experiences include Valentina Aureli, CEO of Aetna Group, Italy; Dr. Afsaneh Nabifar, Head of Global Market Development Biopolymers at BASF; Nadia Taylor, co-founder and Director tna solutions Pty. Ltd., Australia; Marjo Halonen, Vice President Communications at Metsä Board Corporation, Finland; and Gabi Bauer, Head of Marketing & Communications at Uhlmann Pac-Systeme. The panel will be moderated by Nerida Kelton, Vice President Sustainability & Save Food at the WPO.

Attractivity and Diversity

The event also wants to make it possible for more women to join the processing and packaging sector, and to address young talent. As women are underrepresented in technical jobs as well as in leadership positions, supporting them can play an important role with regard to the scarcity of trained professionals. Support in the form of mentoring programmes, image campaigns for the sector, creating equal opportunities, and attractive and flexible working conditions will be the focus of the discussions at interpack.

“Women in Packaging” will be held on 8 May at 12:00 AM at the International Lounge on the ground floor of the exhibition centre.

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