Increased focus on LED and textile printing at SGI Dubai 2018

SGI Dubai 2018 will feature an expanded area for LED signage and textile printing under the themes ‘SGI LED 2018’ and ‘SGI Textile 2018’. ‘SGI LED 2018’ will feature LED solutions for both outdoor and indoor deployment. ‘SGI Textile 2018’ will focus ontechnologies and products for textile printing and its markets.

Sharif Rahman, CEO, International Expo Consults, organizers of SGI Dubai, said, “We are expanding these two segments – LED and textile printing – to equip businesses to boost their manufacturing capabilities and market opportunities. LED installations were perceived to be expensive for a long time, but that impression is slowly changing as advancement in LED technology has made it possible for LED signage installations to function well in this region’s hot weather conditions. Furthermore, sustainability initiatives and government support are increasing the widespread adoption of LED products across every industry. Similarly, there’s a growing industry in the Middle East for printed textiles, particularly, in the fashion and retail industries.”

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