HP Targets Construction Industry with Robotic Printer

HP has introduced HP SitePrint, a robotic solution designed to improve productivity in the construction industry. The solution aims to address the challenges of low productivity and human resourcing in the sector. HP SitePrint is an end-to-end suite of technologies that automates the site layout process, offering ground-breaking performance and accuracy. It consists of a rugged and autonomous robotic device, cloud tools for job submission and management, a touch screen tablet for remote control, and a portfolio of inks for different surfaces and environmental conditions.

The robotic device is designed to operate in the conditions of a construction site and is highly transportable. It can print lines and complex objects with pinpoint accuracy and repeatability. The solution also enables the printing of text, bringing additional data from the digital model to the construction site and improving communication between professionals.

HP has collaborated with market leaders in the construction industry to integrate HP SitePrint with their robotic total stations. The collaboration with Leica Geosystems, part of Hexagon, and Topcon allows for precise positioning and navigation of HP SitePrint on the job site, providing high performance and a unique user experience.

HP conducted over 80 pilot projects globally to rigorously test HP SitePrint in various environments, including residential, parking, airport, and hospital projects. The Early Access Program for HP SitePrint began in September 2022, and the final product and wider commercial launch are planned for 2023.

By introducing HP SitePrint, HP aims to help construction professionals bring their ideas to life on site faster, with improved layout accuracy and reduced costs from reworks. The solution has the potential to significantly improve productivity in the construction industry, which has historically lagged behind other sectors in terms of productivity growth.

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