Giffin Graphics Celebrates 35 Years of Activity in The Gulf

Giffin graphics is a well known company in the region with deep roots in graphic arts industry. On April 10, 2013 the company celebrated 35 years of its activity in the region. The event and gala dinner took place in Hotel Al Murooj Rotana in Dubai. Within a span of 35 years the company has evolved to become a major player in the graphic arts industry representing top manufacturers including KBA, Muller Martini, Agfa and many more. Headquartered in Abu Dhabi and with 6 branches across the region, Giffin Graphics offers a wide variety of products from printing press to paper and other consumables. 

Kick starting the ceremony, Najib Awad, company’s deputy manager said, “Thirty-five years ago Giffin Graphic’s entire staff was made up of just 5 people sharing a one-room office in Abu Dhabi. I doubt their job description at that time would have given them any justice. I know that the manager was also loading the trucks, making the deliveries and then coming back to the office to be the manager again.”

“Thirty-five years on and thanks to your trust, in our solutions and services, we have a successful operation and today employ over 200 people.  We have busy branches in Saudi, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Jordan and the UAE.  Our managers may not load the trucks and make deliveries anymore but our team today remains dedicated as it was in its formative years.”

Followed by Najib,  Ramzi Kteily, Giffin’s managing partner welcomed more than 350 guests who travelled from different countries to participate in the event. Kteily said, “If I was to name each and every one of you I would have done it, but now with the limited time I have I can tell you only one thing. It wouldn’t have been possible without you.”

He added, “In the last 35 years we have been through a series of good and bad times. Together we have survived financial crises, currency fluctuations and stagflation and even experienced the fast and phenomenal growth of the company. Something that didn’t change all these years is our relationship and our trust in each other. I am happy and satisfied that all along we have been able to find solutions for all the problems we faced. It was not easy but by God’s grace we succeeded, “commented Kteily, the man behind Giffin Graphics.

Long term partners like KBA, Muller Martini, Agfa, Arjowiggins, QI, Hunkeler and Synt3 presented Ramzi Kteily with various memorabilia. During his emotional speech Kteily also thanked long time partner Mohamed Abdullah al Daheri.  It was no surprise that René Thueler,   Muller Martini’s marketing manager was asked to be the guest speaker at the event. Muller Martini was the first major manufacturer represented by Giffin in the region. Expressing his gratitude Thueler said, “I would always cherish these fifteen years of happy involvement with Giffin Graphics, with Ramzi and with his capable team. We were the first manufacturer to venture with Giffin Graphics in this area and today we are happy to see other pre press, press and consumable suppliers along with them. During this time we had our ups and downs we had our share of heated discussions but at the end we always found what was good and beneficial for all parties, specifically our customers.”

Following passionate speeches the night went on with music and a little bit of magic. 35 years is slightly an unconventional anniversary celebration date but for Giffin it’s an important milestone. We respect that and wish them luck and many more successful mile stones.


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