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Fujifilm to Unveil a Slew of New Technologies at drupa 2024

On the opening day of the 2024 pre-drupa International Media Conference, Fujifilm Group has announced a slew of new launches at drupa 2024 in Düsseldorf, Germany, from 28 May to 7 June, 2024, many of them making their European debut.

AQUAFUZE inkjet ink technology to revolutionise indoor applications

AQUAFUZE inkjet ink technology is Fujifilm Group’s proprietary technology for stable water dispersion of photopolymers. Fujifilm Group has applied its original synthesis technology for highly functional materials and particle dispersion technology. Based on this dispersion, Fujifilm Group has developed a new UV-curable aqueous ink by combining the formulation technologies of both water-based and UV-curable inks.


The UV-curable aqueous ink is suitable for indoor signage and wallpaper applications, meeting the growing needs of the wide format market. It provides safe and odourless ink during printing, as well as offering a high level of rub resistance and compatibility with a variety of print substrates. The UV-curable aqueous ink featuring AQUAFUZE inkjet ink technology is expected to become the new standard in the wide format market, expanding the scope of customers’ business in the future. The new UV-curable aqueous ink will be launched in autumn 2024.

Fujifilm’s Revoria range continues to evolve

Fujifilm Group will showcase its advanced Revoria Press product lineup, centered on the Revoria Press PC1120, to contribute even more to customers’ printing operations. The world’s first B2 full colour dry toner digital press – the Revoria Press GC12500 – will be unveiled for the first time in Europe at drupa 2024 in the commercial print area.

Revoria PC1120

The addition of the GC12500 means that customers now have a dry toner B2 size printing option, in addition to A3. The GC12500 is the world’s first printer to support the largest B2XL paper size (750 x 662mm), allowing up to 6-up A4 posters and large format applications. Furthermore, two new mid-range models, for a wide range of customers, equipped with specialty colour technology will be unveiled at the show. Additionally, consolidating the paper feeder/stacker and machine control panel in one place significantly improves the daily work efficiency and productivity for printing operators.

Furthermore, two new mid-range models, for a wide range of customers, equipped with specialty colour technology will be unveiled at the show.

New integrated inkjet products at drupa 2024

FUJIFILM Integrated Inkjet Solutions, a leading global inkjet solution provider, will showcase both its new and already robust line of printbar systems that provide high-speed, drop-on-demand print technology for a wide range of applications, including graphics on direct mail, transactional print, paper-based packaging, flooring, commercial printing, folding cartons, and corrugated printing in booth A02-A02-6 (Hall 8b) at drupa 2024. Fujifilm’s inkjet solutions are designed to be integrated directly into existing industrial equipment and processes.

FUJIFILM 42X Printbar System

The new DE1024 Digital Embellishment Printbar System will add digital embellishments such as spot varnish to labels and various types of packaging, including folding carton and flexible packaging. The DE1024 Digital Embellishment Printbar System integrates directly onto label presses and other narrow-web machines and can add stunning gloss highlights or tactile effects registered precisely to preprint. By integrating this capability in-line on the printing machine, cumbersome coordination with analogue embellishment during finishing operations can be reduced.

Also on display for the first time will be the FUJIFILM 42X Printbar System, which is used with Kao Collins’ X-BAR Universal Controller to create a streamlined workflow. The FUJIFILM 42X Printbar System will be available for sale at drupa in monochrome and four-colour and in three print widths: 343 mm, 686 mm, and 1016 mm, providing customers with edge-to-edge web coverage to support their growing printing needs. The Kao Collins’ X-BAR Universal Controller is easy to use and provides user access to a host of unique features in a single interface. This includes support for both .pdf and. IJPDS image formats, read-and-print functions for logic-driven print commands, automated maintenance routines, and advanced job queue management to help users quickly swap jobs.

Jet Press 1160CFG inkjet printer

High-speed inkjet printer for commercial printing to make debut

The Jet Press 1160CFG inkjet printer, a high-speed inkjet, continuous feed printer for commercial printing, will be another product from the Fujifilm stable to make its debut at drupa 2024.

By adopting a newly developed water-based pigment ink, the new press is able to print beautifully on both coated and uncoated paper. The innovative new press also adopts Fujifilm Group’s proprietary new Paper Stabilizer technology, which controls paper condition before printing, solving production issues that customers of continuous-feed inkjet printers often face, such as ink adhesion on thick paper, waviness on thin paper, and quality fluctuations due to environmental and seasonal factors. The press can be used for a wide range of applications in commercial printing, including direct mail and brochures.

Jet Press FP790Water-based digital inkjet press for the flexible packaging print market

First announced in 2021 with commercial availability formally announced at interpack 2023, the Jet Press FP790 is Fujifilm’s water-based digital inkjet press for the flexible packaging printing market. The Jet Press FP790 revolutionises the manufacturing process of flexible packaging for food and daily necessities by enabling short-run, diverse product variations, and short lead times which were previously unattainable with analogue printing.

The Jet Press FP790 enables high-speed printing at 50 metres per minute on film substrates of up to a maximum width of 790 mm, making it extremely productive as a digital printer and revolutionising the manufacturing process of flexible packaging.

In addition to CMYK print heads, it is equipped with two sets of white print heads. This improves the white opacity and enhances the colour saturation of the ink, allowing vibrant printing. It also has a mechanism to apply primer to the substrate before printing, providing high ink adhesion even on water-repellent film substrates. Furthermore, a print head resolution of 1200 dpi x 1200 dpi, makes high-resolution digital printing a reality.

Automation system to enhance productivity for high end wide format machines

Fujifilm will also preview its automation system at drupa 2024 to give its customers the option to upgrade their high end Acuity Hybrid wide format machines with a full solution. The robotics unit allows a single operator to run the machine and facilitates a pallet-to-pallet process for rigid substrates.

The robust system, which was designed to support and speed up production lines, comprises a loading option to feed rigid substrates onto the printer and an unloading system to unload material from printer to pallet. It can be set to deliver full or half automation.

The system has four lanes and allows four rows of material to be printed simultaneously. Each lane has two suction arms to pick up materials and a vacuum that can be adjusted to carry a variety of substrates and surfaces with different weights. There is also an optional ionization unit which removes unwanted static from substrates that are typically challenging to print on.

The automation system’s user-friendly GUI seamlessly communicates with the printer while allowing the operator to continuously monitor the materials being handled. The automation unit includes a specially designed latching system, patented by Fujifilm, which enables it to be quickly connected to the printer.

In addition, for use with a hybrid printer such as the Acuity Ultra Hybrid LED, it has a feature on each side of the doors allowing easy access to the roll system. This feature facilitates an efficient changeover when using a hybrid printer – from roll-fed to flatbed, for example – maximising its functionality and versatility.

Fujifilm Group will showcase this exceptional technology, demonstrating the unloader function on a brand new machine. Customers will be able to see the system in action at Stand A02, Hall 8b.

Fujifilm stand in drupa 2024

Additional products

In addition to the above-mentioned new products, Fujifilm will also showcase new options and technical demonstrations to expand the potential of dry toner through digital printing applications. These options include new specialty colours that contribute to expanding the colour gamut, and an inline booklet maker that helps to solve the challenges of escalating labour costs and operator recruitment. Fujifilm will also demonstrate Pressure Adhesive Toner, the world’s first functional toner with adhesive properties, along with an automated production line, which will be showcased for the first time in Europe.

All the new innovations of Fujifilm can be experienced at Stands A02 / A02-6, Hall 8b.


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