Flux Introduces Surreal Transparent Keyboard

Australia-based design and engineering firm Flux has developed the Flux Keyboard, a transparent keyboard integrated with a full HD IPS display, which allows customisation of the keyboard with any background image, video, or an interactive style. It can automatically switch between profiles to reveal the most relevant keyboard shortcuts and fully customisable macros for any software, or switch to any language.

Keyboards are tactile and efficient, but their true functionality and powerful shortcuts are often hidden behind a set of unchanging keys. The touchscreens on our phones and tablets can adapt to any situation, but are prone to misclicks and can’t be used by feel.

‎The Flux Keyboard combines the tactility and speed of a mechanical keyboard with the adaptability of a screen.

Maglev Switches

Each key is magnetically suspended with rare earth magnets allowing them to be 97% transparent and ultra low friction. Each switch has 4mm of travel and will be available in linear and tactile variants. They also feature a software adjustable actuation point in 0.1mm increments and rapid trigger functionality through analog hall effect sensing.

Interchangeable Modules

Up to 4 modules can be attached to the keyboard magnetically to enhance your productivity and creativity. There are 4 varieties of modules available which can be combined in any assortment or order to match your use case and can be rearranged in seconds.

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