ERA, adphos Group’s Workshop to be an Eye-opener

The European Rotogravure Association (ERA) and adphos Group will be jointly organising a workshop on ‘Drying Technologies’ at the Group’s headquarters in Bruckmühl, Germany, on 16-17 April, 2024.

The two-day workshop offers a comprehensive overview of drying technologies in the printing and coating sectors, focusing on the principles of physical drying, thermal curing, UV/ebeam curing, and powder melting. It delves into the interaction between substrates, inks, and coatings, emphasizing their influence on the drying process across various applications in analogue and digital printing, and coating surfaces.

For over 30 years, adphos Group, a member of ERA, has specialized in developing and optimizing thermal processes across various industries. Its innovative aNIR (advanced Near InfraRed) technology is renowned for applications such as drying, heating, and curing, particularly in digital printing where adphos offers efficient drying systems. The aNIR technology and its aLITE and BearLITE derivatives enable rapid evaporation of inks without damaging substrates, offering compact, high-performance drying solutions. adphos not only caters to standard needs but also provides customized solutions to enhance the efficiency of automated production systems. adphos’ technology is cost-effective and environmentally friendly, significantly reducing CO² emissions and ensuring a quick return on investment.

Participants can explore advanced drying technologies, including vacuum and freeze drying, convection, conduction, induction, high frequency/microwave-based, and infrared solutions, with a spotlight on adphos’ aNIR and aLITE innovations. The seminar highlights the unique advantages of aNIR technology, offering insights into its efficiency and effectiveness in comparison to traditional drying methods.

The agenda includes a practical demonstration and a tour of the assembly centre, allowing attendees to observe aNIR dryers in action. Designed for professionals from gravure printing, cylinder engraving, reproduction studios, and related fields such as paper, substrate, and ink manufacturing, this seminar provides a valuable learning experience for both newcomers and experienced individuals seeking to enhance their knowledge.

While the workshop is complimentary for ERA members, non-members can join for a fee. It presents an ideal opportunity for industry professionals to expand their understanding of drying technologies without the need for advanced operator training.

What’s more, participants can also seize the opportunity to network and connect during an evening at the award-winning Maxlrain castle brewery.

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