“Epson’s Ethos Has Always Been Deeply Rooted in People”

Jason McMillan, sales director of Epson Middle East talks about company’s challenges in 2020 and plans for 2021

While it has been a challenging year for organisations around the world with the country lockdowns and people having to work remotely, like every other business, Epson has had to adapt to ensure the safety of its employees and to help meet customer demands. We supported our resellers and channel partners as best we could, reassuring them that we were there to help them adjust to this new normal.

Take for example the e-commerce sector in the Middle East region. Online retailers became key sources of retail when the option or inclination to physically go into shops wasn’t there. Many businesses have shifted their business models to include an online aspect so that they are able to meet the changing demands of consumers.

In addition, offices have had to implement social distancing practices with reduced touchpoints and contactless interactions. In the Middle East, organisations are now looking at adopting innovative technology that can enable the socially distanced office to meet government guidelines and to maintain business continuity. At Epson, we offer businesses the opportunity to invest in innovative technology solutions that can help reduce touchpoints, support social distancing in meeting rooms, and reduce gatherings in offices. It also lowers the total cost of ownership and delivers new hybrid business models.

Two key areas of focus for Epson Middle East in 2021 are sustainable solutions for business and smart solutions for education. Our technology solutions can deliver both efficiency and cost savings, as well as support the growing demand for sustainability.

Epson’s ethos has always been deeply rooted in not only creating technology that runs in a more sustainable way but in being aware of the environment, nature, communities, and people.

Our business inkjet printers for instance use less energy than laser printers, significantly reducing energy consumption. With this one simple technology switch small and large business alike can be more sustainable while protecting their bottom line.

We invest a lot of time and money into creating the right products to place into education environments. Technology has played a pivotal role in supporting teachers through a year of great change – particularly when it comes to the way teachers are now required to deliver lessons. Due to social distancing measures, spreading children further apart and some teachers needing to deliver lessons to students both in the room and connecting from home, Epson’s interactive display solutions and visualisers have meant that regardless of where a child is sitting in the classroom, they can still see what is being projected and fully interact with the lesson.


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