Emirates Post Group Stamps Celebrates Almond Fruit

Paying tribute to the revered almond fruit, Emirates Post Group (EPG) has launched a collection of unique stamps aimed at fostering public awareness of the local, natural, and agricultural resources and their significance for the generations to come. The almond fruit is woven into the very fabric of the local culture, resonating across generations.

Drawing inspiration from the lush landscapes of the UAE, the stamps capture the essence of the iconic Emirati almond tree – a semi-green marvel that thrives in various corners of the country. Its distinctive silhouette, with a trunk soaring up to 10 meters and branches that gracefully stretch to create expansive shaded havens, mirrors the unity between nature and tradition. A culinary delight, the Emirati almond is renowned for its exquisite flavour, making its way into both traditional Emirati cuisine and medicinal practices. The kernel, resembling a nut, holds a special place in the hearts of the people.

Abdulla Alashram, Group CEO at EPG says, “The release of these commemorative stamps underscores our unwavering commitment to safeguarding the UAE’s environmental and cultural legacy. These stamps encapsulate not only the beauty of our landscapes, but also the symbolic significance that the Emirati almond fruit carries, while underlining the value of preserving records of the fruit’s historical significance in our heritage.”

The meticulously designed stamps embody the deep-rooted significance within the UAE’s cultural tapestry. Beyond its cultural import, these stamps also signify a commitment to preserving the environment, advocating for sustainability, and safeguarding the nation’s heritage.

The initiative is a testament to EPG’s dedication to employing commemorative stamps as a powerful instrument for fostering an understanding of the UAE’s abundance of natural resources, showcasing the country’s cultural heritage, and striking a harmonious balance between progress and environmental conservation.

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