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drupa 2024 – The Pinnacle of Print Innovation and Sustainability

As we edge closer to drupa 2024, the anticipation within the global print technologies sector reaches new heights. Directed by Sabine Geldermann, drupa stands as a beacon of innovation, sustainability, and digital transformation in the ever-evolving landscape of print technology. This year, drupa reaffirms its position as the global nexus for print innovation, showcasing world premieres, fostering international collaborations, and addressing the megatrends of sustainability and digitization.

Sabine Geldermann, Director drupa, Portfolio Print Technologies
                                                                      Sabine Geldermann Director drupa, Portfolio Print Technologies

In an exclusive interview with ME Printer, Sabine Geldermann reveals how drupa 2024 is adapting its approach to remain at the pinnacle of print technology showcases. Despite OEMs diversifying their product release cycles, drupa remains unmatched in its capacity to premiere global innovations. The event is set to emphasize sustainability and digitization, reflecting the industry’s current megatrends, through innovation showcases and thought leadership forums.

The expected influx of 200,000 attendees highlights drupa’s unwavering appeal amidst challenges such as geopolitical tensions. Strategies to attract a diverse international audience include targeted marketing campaigns, promotional events, and the drupa World Tour, engaging regions from the Middle East to the Americas, and fostering dialogues on digital and sustainable transformation.

With a significant presence of Chinese exhibitors, drupa 2024 aims to balance global representation, ensuring a wide spectrum of technologies and trends are showcased. The event’s thematic organization and specialized forums promise a comprehensive insight into the industry’s future direction, transcending geographical boundaries.

Media coverage, more extensive than in any previous edition, underscores the event’s importance. It amplifies exhibitors’ visibility, showcases innovations to a global audience, and enhances the event’s overall success. Such coverage is pivotal in promoting international cooperation and facilitating business opportunities.

Reflecting on the dynamic industry landscape, drupa 2024 evolves its content and program to meet attendees’ changing needs. Special forums on new technologies, applications, and sustainable solutions, alongside educational sessions, will enrich the visitor experience, addressing the industry’s shift towards sustainability and digitalization.

Looking ahead, drupa 2024 is set to define the future of print technology, with a focus on automation, digital printing, and sustainable packaging solutions. As the industry anticipates groundbreaking technologies and product premieres, drupa 2024 promises to be a transformative event, shaping the future of the global print and packaging industry.

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