Digital cutting and finishing can double productivity

Dual beam cutting system

The Zund D3 cutter is a new, dual-beam system for high-volume, industrial applications. The twin beams operate independently and simultaneously in a single production workflow, with each beam carrying up to three different tool modules. Depending on the specifics of the job, this can result in twice the throughput of the single-beam system.

The D3 cutting systems are available in 4 different sizes ranging from the D3 L-3200 with a working area of 1800 x 3200 mm to the D3 3XL-3200 with a working area of 3210 x 3200 mm. Zünd’s modular design concept enables D3 cutters to be adapted any time to meet changing cutting requirements. New tools, modules or automated load/off-load devices can be added to an existing configuration. When combined with the Zünd Cut Center software, the D3 cutter is offered as a cutting and finishing solution.

“The trend towards automation involving different phases of production also demands

seamless data flow. By combining the new Zünd D3 ultra high-performance cutter with Zünd Cut Center – ZCC software, we can offer obvious added value to customers looking to make their production both more efficient and more profitable,” says Stefan Lang, head of sales & marketing, Zund.

Simplified tool and bit handling

The automatic router bit changer (ARC) is an automation tool for making high-volume routing, milling, polishing, and engraving reliable and user friendly. Compared to manual processes, automated bit changes are dramatically faster and setup times are reduced to a minimum. The router bits required for processing are automatically selected, clamped, initialized, and cleaned after use, which reduces the time required for bit changes.

While the cutter is operating automatically with maximum efficiency, quality control is ensured at all times: the integrated initialization system ITI verifies the zero point after each tool fitting, thereby ensuring constant, precise routing depths.

The ARC also offers automatic wear tracking so the operator knows at all times how long each bit has been in use. The magazine of the ARC can accommodate eight router bits. In the standard configuration, six positions are available for regular bits and two for specialty bits, e.g. for v-grooving. If necessary, the magazine can be configured with two replacement holders so all eight slots accommodate standard bits. A cleaning station adjacent to the magazine ensures that each bit is cleaned with compressed air before being returned to its slot. During routing, the ARC is automatically lowered and sealed with a protective flap to keep out dust and debris.

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