Construction Industry In GCC Set To Embrace 3D Printing Technology

3D printing technology is all set to revolutionize the construction industry. Few weeks back, Dubai unveiled its plans of constructing the first 3D printed office. Following its footsteps, many other construction companies in the region are attempting to embrace 3D printing which is why this technology is truly gaining momentum.  If construction companies are successful in executing projects using 3D printing, then there would be a massive reduction in building and labor costs. Time to construct such buildings will also drastically shrink. Time and cost are not the only crucial factors. These buildings can also be dismantled quickly without any hassles.  

According to Andrew Elias, Group CEO of Dubai-based Kele Contracting, “This modern and new method of construction will provide a very attractive solution to construction companies who wish to extend their projects to remote areas where traditional construction techniques prove challenging.

“If buildings are suited to the Middle Eastern climate and can withstand the environmental extremes, then this will herald the start of a new wave of innovative 3D printed low-rise buildings and represents a new untapped niche market for creative construction companies.”

“I believe that the Saudi Arabian market, in particular, is among those with the most potential for this method of construction, due to the types and size of its developments, as well as the country’s landscape.”

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