Catalyst Paper re-launches Rumford Offset

Catalyst Paper has announced the launch of the new and improved Rumford Offset, an uncoated freesheet paper produced at its Rumford mill in Maine, USA. “Catalyst’s Rumford Offset is an effective choice in an uncoated freesheet paper and represents a competitive alternative to other uncoated freesheet paper in the marketplace,” says Matt Stapleton, Vice President, Printing & Writing and Publication Papers. “Inventory of Rumford Offset will be available immediately at our Tighe warehouse location. Customers can now benefit by being able to build truckloads of both coated and uncoated products. This has the potential to help them maintain lower total inventory.”

As one of the most diverse paper manufactures in North America, Catalyst is proud that Rumford Offset now offers:

  • Enhanced 92 brightness, new and improved product performance
  • Ability to build full truck loads with coated inventory
  • Designed to work well in both heat-set and cold-set printing applications
  • Available certified chain-of-custody under FSC, SFI and PEFC

The successful re-launch of Rumford Offset follows the launch of our specialty products including Glide Graphics release liner paper, the Leap family of lightweight flexible packaging papers and the Bistro line of food service papers.

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