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Canon participates in Saudi Print and Pack 2023

Canon, a leading technology company, has reaffirmed its strong commitment to the kingdom of Saudi Arabia by establishing a regional platform at Saudi Print and Pack 2023, the largest event in the printing industry. This strategic move demonstrates Canon’s dedication to serving the Middle East region and its thriving printing sector. Capitalizing on this event as a regional launch pad, Canon aims to unveil its latest technological advancements, showcase key products, and present sustainable solutions tailored specifically for the Middle East.

Through its participation in this prestigious event, Canon extends an invitation to its esteemed partners and valued customers from across the region to engage, witness, and experience firsthand these cutting-edge technologies. Collaborating with a local Saudi customer and tech-entrepreneur in the book publishing industry, Canon will showcase a print-on-demand solution with the revolutionary platform called “Itbaá.” Additionally, Al Taj from Jordan will demonstrate real-time digital workflow platforms and the transition from high-volume offset printing to digital printing.
Canon@Saudi Print and Pack 2023  The event will take place from 12th to 15th June at the Riyadh International Convention & Exhibition Center. Canon’s participation in Saudi Print & Pack 2023 underscores its unwavering commitment to the market. With a direct operation in Saudi Arabia, which includes branches in Riyadh, Jeddah, and Al Khobar, Canon Saudi Arabia represents the company’s largest entity in the region.

Canon’s stand at Saudi Print & Pack 2023 exemplifies the company’s dedication to sustainability by incorporating reusable materials and minimizing the use of plastic. In addition to unveiling new products, Canon will display a full digital printing workflow with online and offline finishing options. Visitors will have the opportunity to experience end-to-end applications tailored to core segments, including Graphic Arts, Government, Corporate, Central Reprographic Department, as well as the retail and interior décor industries.
Canon@Saudi Print and Pack 2023  Shadi Bakhour, B2B Business Unit Director at Canon Middle East, expressed his honor to participate in this year’s Saudi Print and Pack event, following five successful years of direct operation of Canon in Saudi Arabia. Bakhour emphasized the encouraging and exciting developments taking place in the constantly evolving and dynamic market of Saudi Arabia. As Canon progresses into its fifth year of direct business in the kingdom and beyond, it will continue to focus on the pillars of customer satisfaction, employee development, and community engagement, which have been instrumental in its success thus far.

Canon aims to cultivate long-term business partnerships and drive mutual success, not only focusing on business growth but also ensuring exceptional customer satisfaction through customized service offerings, Bakhour added.
Canon@Saudi Print and Pack 2023  At Saudi Print & Pack 2023, visitors can explore Canon’s latest technologies and witness the unveiling of new products. These include the fast, durable, high-quality, and high-volume Digital Color Press with innovative technology, such as the new Canon imagePRESS V1350, and the modular Canon Colorado M-series roll-to-roll printer, which offers scalability, speed, and easy maintenance with a white ink option for extensive application possibilities. The stand will feature five distinct zones—the Production Print Zone, Wide Format Print Zone, Inkjet Zone, Finishing Zone, and Engagement Zone—each providing unique experiences and opportunities for commercial print partners and print departments of all sizes.

In the Production Print Zone, Canon will display its range of industry-leading production printers, from the imagePRESS V1000 and imagePRESS V900 to the latest imagePRESS V1350. The zone will also showcase various finishing solutions and highlight production print applications. The Inkjet Zone will provide virtual demonstrations, case studies, and display PRO STREAM inkjet machines and samples. In the Wide Format Print Zone, visitors can explore wide format print applications, witness live demonstrations, and learn about the features of new printers, such as the Colorado M series, Arizona, TZ3000, and PW5000.

The Engagement Zone will offer a practical experience with simulated grocery shelves and a café setting, enabling visitors to visualize Canon’s solutions in a realistic setting. Additionally, a photo wall will showcase Canon’s printing technology through vibrant and high-quality images.

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