Bromley Technology Invested In Muller Martini For The First Time

Having built a strong reputation in the packaging market, Bromley Technology has recently intensified its activities in its commercial, book and magazine printing segments. In 2012, the family-owned business in Lagos put into operation a four-color web offset printing press. 
This year, the focus of the company’s investments has turned towards print finishing. According to Ayoade Adelekan Adefemi, Bromley Technology chose solutions from Muller Martini for the first time. The company’s owner and managing director says: “They simply told me that for print finishing there is no other choice but Muller Martini.” 
In the softcover segment, Ayoade Adelekan Adefemi now relies on a Pantera – the first perfect binder of its kind to be installed in Nigeria – featuring an Esprit inline three-knife trimmer and manual book block loading. For the company’s saddle stitching needs, Adefemi chose a Presto machine with eight feeder locations, a cover feeder, a three-knife trimmer and a delivery belt. 
The Pantera and Presto machines will be installed this summer. They are scheduled to be put into operation in September.

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