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Brew Your Coffee Next Time With A 3D Twist

Coffee, one of the most loved beverages across the world is all set to be offered in distinct manner. You usually embellish your coffees with whipped cream, chocolate sauce or any other topping. The mere aroma of the coffee accentuates your senses. What if just by the look of it, it brings happiness to you? Well, coffee lovers and 3D print enthusiasts have something exciting to look forward to together. 3D printing technology has inspired the food and beverage industry which has paved way for the advent of The Ripple Maker. The Ripple Maker is a device that employs both 3D printing as well as inkjet technology and creates desired images or messages on your favorite cup of coffee.  Such a delight will surely bring a big grin on the user. 

The Ripple Maker is a small (only 8.5″ x 10.5″), wifi connected device that allows you to embellish that delicious coffee milk foam with a natural coffee extract using Ripple Pods, which extrude the written or visual. The device takes only ten seconds to produce any image on any foamy drink and can be inscribed in any sized cup or mug up to 7″ high and 4.5″ wide.

The device is aimed at coffee shops and cafés. This feature has a tremendous marketing potential and can be effectively executed for conveying personalized messages to the customers. There are already many takers queuing up for the product among which Lufthansa has already been on board and will be the launch partner for the Ripple Maker. The airline will be delighting their passengers by adding Ripples to their coffee in their First and Business Class lounges later this year.

“We are excited to unveil the Ripple Maker and proud to announce Lufthansa as our first global brand,” said Yossi Meshulam, CEO of Steam CC, parent of Ripples. “Our mission is to add meaning, depth and joy to the coffee experience, cup by cup.  And this aligns so beautifully with Lufthansa’s commitment to ‘Nonstop You’.”

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