Borouge Floats New Packaging Solutions to Fill Market Needs

Abu Dhabi-based Borouge Plc, a leading petrochemical company that provides innovative and differentiated polyolefin solutions, launched five new grades to meet the growing demand in the advanced packaging and infrastructure industries in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia.

The launch supports Borouge’s growth and innovation strategy by increasing its market share in the piping market in the company’s core territories, valued at nearly $1 billion. Catering to the needs of consumers, Borouge unveiled its first-ever Bulk Continuous Filament (BCF) product, designed for fibre and carpet applications, to target a market worth $100 million in the Middle East and North Africa region and providing strong opportunity for Borouge to grow its market share.

Commenting on the launch, Khalfan Mohamed AlMuhairi, Senior Vice President, Region Middle East, Africa and Exports, Borouge, says, “Demand for Borouge’s premium and differentiated polyolefin solutions in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia Pacific continues to grow. We plan to capitalise on trends driving the demand such as increased urbanisation resulting from population growth in our core markets. Our latest solutions have been designed to not only meet the needs of modern communities, but also contribute to more sustainable production processes for our customers – increasing the energy efficiency of the manufacturing process and reducing its carbon footprint. Borouge is committed to commercial excellence driven by innovation, and we look forward to continuing to pursue new areas of growth.”

Four new sustainable consumer solutions, delivering positive impact 

Launched as part of Borouge’s sustainable advanced packaging portfolio, the new polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) grades feature good mechanical properties and processability, designed with recyclability in mind.

FB5600, a full PE circular solution, is the latest addition to Borouge’s sustainable packaging portfolio. The grade caters to increasing market demands for high barrier properties that can extend shelf life, reduce food wastage while enabling circular economy for the packaging. Such mono-material solutions are designed for full recyclability, which contributes to a lower carbon footprint and substitute difficult to non-recyclable material combinations. Advanced random copolymers RD211CF and RE425MO are also designed with sustainability in mind, leveraging Borealis’ Borstar technology, delivering enhanced productivity, higher energy savings, and improved closure to enhance consumer packaging integrity and safety.

polyethylene (PE)

HG365FB, Borouge’s latest BCF product, is a versatile PP solution developed to meet the growing needs of carpet manufacturers in the UAE. By providing unique PP material for local manufacturers, Borouge is enhancing the competitiveness of ‘Made In UAE’ solutions. This is Borouge’s first-ever solution serving the consumer fibre and carpet industry and will be available to customers in the Middle East and North Africa.

The new high-quality solution introduces enhanced hygiene benefits ensuring superior safety standards for human contact. Furthermore, the new household product features unique ultraviolet stabilisers, making end-use products more durable and reliable, while extending the lifespan of the products. Similar to the infrastructure grade, the new consumer solution increases energy efficiency and minimises the carbon footprint of the manufacturing process. Carpets and end-use products made of Borouge’s material are fully-recyclable at the end of their life span.

Innovative and sustainable piping solution designed for modern communities

Produced using advanced Borealis Borstar nucleation technology, the RA150E grade is the latest infrastructure solution designed for water piping applications delivering hot and cold water to homes around the world. The new solution has unmatched, long-term pressure performance, even at very high temperatures, and is fully-recyclable at the end of its 50-year life span.

PE circular solution

Borouge’s latest infrastructure solution addresses emerging trends in the construction of modern communities, which prioritise environmental sustainability, with many developments aiming to achieve urban resilience – the measure of the adaptability of a community against environmental stresses, while positively adapting and transforming towards sustainability.

Borouge recently participated in PLASTEX, a premier regional industry exhibition in Cairo, Egypt. As part of its exhibition, the company showcased a full polyethylene mono material high barrier laminate, developed with its value chain partners, with high oxygen barrier properties that are ideal for packaging consumer dry food and powder products – and sustainable solutions which deliver positive impact to modern communities.

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