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BOBST Presents Corrugated Packaging Innovations at Istanbul

Packaging machinery major BOBST recently participated in the Members’ Day event organized by OMÜD, the Turkish Corrugated Cardboard Industrialists Association. With a focus on boosting end-to-end efficiency, BOBST showcased its innovations tailored to the evolving needs of the corrugated industry.

Held on 9 May, 2024, at the Sheraton Grand Istanbul Ataşehir, the Members’ Day served as a platform for the industry to come together, present new products and services, discuss business opportunities, and network. The gathering was welcomed by Abdullah Arslan, Chairman of the Board of Directors, OMÜD, while the keynote speech was given by guest speaker Can Selçuki, General Manager and Board Member at Istanbul Economics Research.

As a presentation sponsor, BOBST was part of the official programme. Hagop Tavitian, Export Manager at BOBST, and Özhan Varinli, Zone Business Director at BOBST Istanbul, gave a presentation about addressing global trends and challenges in the corrugated industry with innovation.

The presentation covered BOBST’s comprehensive range of equipment and services tailored to the specific needs of corrugated packaging manufacturers. With 360 working installations globally, the company continues to lead the market, offering advanced printing and converting machinery, innovative software solutions, comprehensive training, and full service programme to its customers.

One of the key highlights was BOBST’s robotic solutions, which play a vital role in streamlining processes and improving productivity. The company recently acquired 70% of Dücker Robotics – a specialized supplier of robotic systems now renamed BOBST Novara – to further its vision for highly connected and fully automated packaging production.

Using robotic technology to serve its flexo folder gluer and die-cutting lines, BOBST is automating heavy, repetitive tasks, such as loading and palletizing. This minimizes errors and optimizes the production workflow, leading to higher productivity, cost and waste savings, better welfare for operators, and improved overall performance.

Other topics included the impact of packaging production on the planet. With increasing consumer demand for sustainable packaging solutions, manufacturers are under pressure to adopt environmentally friendly practices while remaining competitive in the marketplace. BOBST addresses these challenges with advanced technologies and strategies that promote sustainability without compromising quality or efficiency.

As the corrugated industry continues to evolve, BOBST remains at the forefront of innovation, offering tailored solutions to help manufacturers stay ahead of the curve. With a commitment to quality and efficiency, BOBST is shaping the future of the packaging world, emphasizing the essential pillars of its vision: connectivity, digitalization, automation, and sustainability.

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