Bashar Newspaper Printing Press To Be Launched

Come November Bashar Printing Press in Algeria will kick start its print production. The project, which is estimated to cost around $ 8.5 million will ease the shortage of printed newspapers in the south-west of the country, says the Algeria Printing Company. Communications minister Mohammed Al Saeed recently visited the printing press’s construction site and inspected the work in progress.

The total cost of the project, which is expected to be in operation by November 2013 is 689 million dinars ($ 8.5 million). After the completion, the 8580 square meters facility will print 33,000 copies of newspaper and 50 thousand books per hour.  More than 100 people will be working in the premises.

Abdul Malik Bouzid, president of Algeria Printing Company who is behind the project said that the state-of-the-art printing equipment will be shipped from France. The highly productive printing machine has a maximum speed of 35 thousand copies per hour and will contribute to the increased production of printed newspapers in Algeria.  

The Algerian government had decided years ago to establish a new printing facility in south of the country to increase the availability of newspapers in the northern parts of the country. The new printing house will increase the production of books and newspapers in the south -west of Algeria while reducing the cost of distribution by printing dailies locally. 

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