Bait Al Zubair’s Photo Show Held In Salalah


For the second consecutive year, Bait Al Zubair held  an exhibition at the Salalah Festival from August 5 to August 9 in the Oman Hall at the Municipality Recreation Centre.

Bait Al Zubair exhibited  their curated selection of pieces from the unique Omani heritage collection along with a panel exhibition about the museum. The exhibition was complemented by a ‘hands on heritage’ selection where people could hold, feel and examine the historical items. It also included a selection of photographs taken by Mohammad Al Zubair.

Titled ‘Moments’, the exhibition consisted of a wide variety of landscapes and seascapes both inside and outside Oman. Through this exhibition, Mohammad Al Zubair wanted to share with people his experience and enjoyment of the moments recorded by his camera. In these moments, at different places and times, one sees the combination of the magic of nature, the ability of the creator and what he offered to humanity through arts and technology.

The photographer has chosen to present his scenes and moments in a new form using the latest imaging techniques and printing on aluminium plates. As people see them, they feel as if they were present when it happened.

Fahad Al Hasni, exhibition and collection manager at Bait Al Zubair said, “Our participation at the Salalah Festival is aimed at highlighting the rich Omani heritage and the role of Bait Al Zubair to link people with their heritage through our collection. We hope that through this exhibition people can get a feel of our wonderful collection, and be encouraged to visit and learn, and also be a part of Oman’s rich heritage and contemporary art.”

The wide range of collections and Omani artifacts displayed at Bait Al Zubair go back a number of centuries and are considered the finest privately owned collections in Oman. Bait Al Zubair consists of five separate buildings. These are Bait Al Bagh, Bait Al Dalaleel, Bait Al Oud, Bait Al Nahdhah and Gallery Sarah, as well as a garden with a number of traditional features, a café and a gift shop.


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