Avery Dennison Smartrac launches Midas Flagtag

Avery Dennison  today launched its new AD Midas Flagtag® EM4425 DF tag for metal surfaces, combining UHF and NFC functionality for superior tracking performance coupled with enhanced consumer engagement capabilities.

The AD Midas Flagtag EM4425 DF is the first spacer-less tag on the market to offer dual-frequency capability (UHF and HF, ISO 18000-6c and ISO 15693) for on-metal applications, which will allow retailers, pharmaceutical companies and other industries to track difficult-to-tag products, as well as offering the opportunity to engage with customers using Near Field Communication (NFC).

The tag’s high-performance tracking capabilities stem from the unique Midas Flagtag design characteristics: the tag uses the metallic surface to create a high-performance monopole antenna, ensuring superior performance in demanding physical environments, while providing cost advantages over comparable alternative products on the market.

By enabling high-speed NFC encoding using the UHF infrastructure, it offers retailers and brands the ability to capture the benefits of consumer engagement. Creating the opportunity for an enhanced brand experience by linking consumers to product information, brand messaging, promotional material, product source and ingredient information and more through an NFC enabled smartphone.

A single solution for multiple tagging needs
The worlds of logistics and consumer goods retail has found tagging metal items a challenge to date, since on-metal tags like hard tags have generally been relatively expensive, and unsuitable for smaller metallic items. AD Midas Flagtag EM4425 DF solves this problem with its small form factor and low cost.

As such, additional use cases can now benefit from RFID tagging, such as homeware and consumer goods retail. AD Midas Flagtag EM4425 DF can be used to tag any metal items, and its NFC capability allows the end consumer to access assembly instructions, disclaimers, guarantee registration or spare parts orders with the touch of a NFC enabled smartphone, vastly improving the customer experience and encouraging brand engagement and loyalty.

On-metal first choice solution for a broad range of applications
Prior to the introduction of the Midas Flagtag product line, tagging metallic packaging and liquids had presented a challenge in many applications. By combining previously available but separate product features within a single inlay – i.e., sharing memory between HF and UHF, robust on-metal performance and low cost – AD Midas Flagtag EM4425 DF is opening up the benefits of on-metal tagging to areas of retail, logistics and healthcare that previously struggled to find an affordable, unified solution to improve inventory management and enable consumer engagement.

Currently available as 51mm x 34.5mm PET-based tags with the EM4425 V12 IC, AD Midas Flagtag EM4425 DF tags are compliant with ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management and ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management, which ensure a reliable and state-of-the-art product that meets a variety of application needs, especially in the retail environment. Like all Avery Dennison inlays and tags, they are manufactured according to the industry’s highest quality standards.

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