Atlas Media Tie Up With D-Tech And GMC

The Atlas Group in Dubai has been at the forefront of providing client solutions through its innovation in print and digital solutions for over the past two decades. The Group consists of 3 companies: Atlas Print, Atlas Media and Atlas International. While Atlas Print focusses on commercial print, Atlas International manages the international arm of the business with an office in Kenya, and Atlas Media focusses more on printing, especially personalised, non-conventional type of printing in the UAE.

Under the Atlas Media Company, the AVP (Atlas Variable Print) division has been focusing on developing the variable data printing business and is poised to become the production arm to major sectors such as banking, insurance, retail, etc. The features and solutions are unique to give clients more value for money and keep their business statements dynamic and with more relevant messages and completely personalised offers. This results in every statement being monetised with more customer engagement, response generation and revenue drive.

Atlas Media has invested in Truepress and Hunkeler printing machines. Each of the digital web screen machine can print 868 A4’s per minute, 52,121 A4 per hour and 1,250,909 A4’s per 24-hour shift. This is printed in FULL COLOR with individual variable data on both sides.

To take the customer experience altogether to a new level, Atlas Media has tied up with GMC and D-Tech, the experts in variable software technology. With this tie-up, customers have many product offers to choose from in communicating with their customers. They can outsource all their communication strategies to Atlas, who can come up with various modules ranging from print to email, HTML and dynamic applications to maximum benefit generation with many value-added services.

Through the division ACE (Atlas Content for Education) Atlas specialises in developing variable data solutions for the education and examination market by providing personalised, randomised and security coded examination papers.

To launch this tie-up, Atlas hosted a conference in a 5-star hotel in Dubai inviting all their clients from the banking, insurance and data-specific industry to present live demonstrations and case studies where the GMC and D-Tech services had been implemented and garnered large benefits.

While GMC Inspire is a world-class software company for variable data communications, D-Tech is the leading software company in Turkey with a huge client base. They presented case studies that gave the audience a good picture of how the future of communication can generate more profits for companies. Imagine a credit card statement with offers and messages personalised for you and a barcode, that when scanned by your phone, makes the whole statement interactive on your smart phone, IPad or any digital platform. Under one shop, the customers can get transpromotional print and digital communications solutions that are customised and created based on applied rules and logics. 

Amit Radia, the CEO of Atlas Media, says, “Our tie-up with GMC and DTech will provide clients with a whole range of print and digital solutions that are beyond traditional transactional printing. Dynamic content, personalized email, HTML and even archiving data will be possible; we make customer communication more profitable and highly interactive.” He adds, “With Atlas Media working on Citrix platform and now also an ISO 27001 certified by UKAS in ISMS, our clients can rest assured that their data is 100% secure.”

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