Arab Free Press Forum Brings Together Media Professionals

The 6th edition of the Arab Free Press Forum will be held from 24th to 26th November 2013 at the Tunisian capital, Tunis. Organised by the World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers (WAN-IFRA) the forum is preparing to welcome delegates from across the Arab region.

The Arab Free Press Forum brings together media professionals and human rights advocates from across the Arab world to exchange ideas, experiences and best practice at every level of the news industry.

As part of WAN-IFRA’s on-going commitment to support the independent press in the Arab region, the Forum will compliment longstanding engagements with partners from across the media industry and the freedom of expression community.

The Forum will discuss the future of Arab media both from editorial and business perspectives. Prominent personalities from regional and international media are expected to express their thoughts during the event.

Key themes will include framing the news in times of transition and political upheaval, sustainability of the independent press, and how to promote the media’s crucial role of supporting open societies.

“Recent events in Egypt have shown just how fragile and important the independent press is for ensuring open and enduring democracies,” said Alison Meston, the WAN-IFRA Press Freedom Director.

“Equally, with on-going struggles to have freedom of expression enshrined in the Tunisian constitution, attacks against journalists in Syria escalating, and independent Sudanese news organisations in desperate search of sustainable business models, the Arab Free Press Forum could not come at a more opportune time,” Meston added.

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