Al Mumtaz For Printing Installs Roland 700

Al Mumtaz factory for printing and packaging in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia recently installed a Roland 700 8 colour machine. Installed by Allaoui printing service (based in Germany), the press was bought to expand the production facility for printing books and flyers and increase the quality and speed of production.

Commenting about the investment Nasser Alogayil, Executive Director of Al Mumtaz said to ME Printer, “We chose Allaoui based on our previous experience with them. We first asked for an entry-level printing equipment to know the nature of service of Allaoui, their delivery time and after sale service. We were impressed by the way Allaoui dealt with the trade and that encouraged us to go for such a large investment.”

Alogayil added, “The Roland 700 from manroland was purchased keeping in mind two goals, the first goal was to expand our production facility, especially for printing books and various other publications. The second goal, which is more important, was to increase the quality and speed of print in order to strengthen our position in the market.”

“In addition to the Roland 700 machine, we are also planning to replace our complete folding lines in cooperation with Allaoui. We are proud of our partnership with Allaoui and have great confidence in them,” concluded Alogayil.

Meanwhile, Ammar Ahmed Allaoui, Managing Director of Allaoui Printing Service said their deals with Al Mumtaz has helped them to understand the company’s commitment to its customers in the Middle East. He added, “Al Mumtaz factory for printing and packaging is one of our premium customers in Saudi Arabia, who has always tried to develop their capabilities in line with the requirements of the Saudi market.”

He said, “The printing market in Saudi Arabia is constantly evolving. The Roland 700 will enable Mumtaz printing press to compete strongly in the Saudi market by printing at high speed without affecting the print quality.”

Allaoui added, “We are keen to offer our unique services to our customers, which is backed by our thirty seven years of experience in the printing industry. Our services do not stop at providing our customers with various printing equipment but rather it extends in providing training and technical support through our specialist team in order to ensure success for our clients.”

He concluded by saying, “Printing presses in Saudi Arabia mostly look out for trusted printing service providers, when it comes to used equipment. This interest in trusted partners motivated us to open our second branch in Jeddah, in Saudi Arabia, which is managed by Mohamad Abouarchid. “

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