Al Khorayef Launches M80

In November, together with its Saudi Arabian representation Al Khorayef Printing Solutions, MBO organized a special event in Riyadh. Around 50 invited guests, all of them executives, decision makers or owners of large print shops and binderies from across the country were invited to the famous Hotel Al Faisaliah Rosewood in Riyadh for the presentation of MBO’s current product range followed by a gala dinner. Frank Eckert, CEO of MBO group, and Sheikh Bandar Al Khorayef, owner of the MBO representation in Saudi Arabia, guided the guests through the evening.

In his welcome speech Al Khorayef said that printing markets are going through a sea change around the world and Al Khorayef is also expanding and diversifying in order to cater to various sectors of printing industries as well as diverse group of printers, supplying them with printing presses, package printing equipment, folding machines and so on. Khorayef also underscored the impact of the new media and technology. “There is no doubt that the global trends reach all countries much more rapidly than in the past. The advent of digital technology is impacting all sectors of graphic arts industry. In Some government agencies printing is already being replaced by electronic paper and electronic media.” 

Following Al Khorayef, Frank Eckert took to the podium and addressing the guests said,” Much interest has been generated in the newly launched flexible folding system M80 and our consulting services. Our wide range of folding equipment with speeds of up to 270 meter per minute enable printers to respond to quickly to future market demands.”

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