Agenda of first Digital Textile Printing US Conference announced

Smithers Pira is pleased to announce the first-ever Digital Textile Printing US conference, taking place June 8-9, 2017 in Atlanta, USA. This year’s agenda features representatives from SGIA, Mimaki USA, Image Options, Aberdeen Fabrics, LASx, and many more. Recently announced presentations include:  

  • Digital Textile Printing in Signage Applications Case Study presented by EFI Inc.
  • Digital Textile Printing in Fashion and Retail Clothing Case Study from Mimaki USA
  • Drivers for Digital Textile Printing: Personalization and Mass Customization presented by Pacific Coast Fabrics

“We are confident that Digital Textile Printing 2017 will bring together an audience that will span the entire supply chain including a range of textile printers, end users and a supporting supply chain in technology providers,” said Smithers Pira director of operations Ciaran Little. “Discussion at the conference will focus on the drivers for digital textile printing including sustainability, personalization and mass customization, while exploring additional applications for digital textile printing and technical advances in the market.”

During the panel debate  ‘Delivering on the Promise of Digital Textiles by Achieving a Better Workflow’, attendees will hear from experts from Image Options, Zund America, and Podium Wear. They will share their perspective on opportunities for improvement across the digital textile workflow with perspectives from key stakeholders and more.

Additional panelists will join the panel to cover the full workflow process including RIP, print, cutting, heat press and sewing. Eager to learn more about what attendees will hear during the panel discussion, Smithers Pira asked David Brewer to share his viewpoint on why workflows are so important to the industry and what are some of the biggest technical challenges in workflows right now. 

“Workflows define the ability to run production in efficient, consistent and profitable manners. Automation which begins with job entry on through all phases of production, file processing, printing, finishing, packing/kitting, shipping, billing. Every step can be analyzed for value added and non value added and through the workflows we try to reduce NVA time and mistake proof the processes,” Brewer commented. 

Smithers Pira has been running the successful Digital Print for Packaging US conference since 2010. Given the event’s growth, the company is expanding into the tangential market of digital textiles. According to a recent market research report by the Smithers Pira team, the digital textile industry is forecast to become a $2.6 billion market by 2021. Digital Textile Printing US will be co-located with the first 3D Printing for Industrial Applications conference, June 5th and the 8th Annual Digital Print for Packaging US conference, June 6-7th.

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