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A Manufacturer From UAE In Fespa

At Fespa show in London, ME Printer spoke with Ramzi H. Hawa, Managing Director of Tulip Inks to find out more about the experience of the only manufacturer from UAE in Fespa London.

This is the third time Tulip inks participates in Fespa and according to Ramzi Hawa it was the best Fespa ever.  “ We were more experienced and better prepared this time around,” comments Hawa and adds, “ this year we brought a Roland large format press to our both and performed live presentations so visitors could appreciate the quality of our products in action. “ Tulip ink is represented by Atech in UK. Other than Middle East the company ships products to UK, Estonia and Finland as well. The wide array of company’s products include eco solvent, hard solvent, mild solvent, dye sublimation as well as water based inks.  The company is also planning to launch UV inks.

Tulip Stand in Fespa 2013

“We started our business on inks for digital printers and presses in 1992, the earliest days of digital printing. Initially we have been selling hard solvent and water-based inks. Over time, especially with our development of a delivery system, the Tulip Continuous Ink Delivery System (CIDS), for the HP large format printers, water-based inks became our bestseller. Nowadays, we are producing variety of inks for large format graphics and textile printing,” explains Hawa. He also says that Tulip inks can compete perfectly at the global stage. “Our ink production and manufacturing department is closely monitored and undergoes rigorous and strict controls. We have stringent demands on our inks that are being used for high quality printing jobs.

Choosing the right high value pigments as well as all other chemicals that our inks contain is one of the decisive factors that make our inks outstanding in terms of quality. Before release we are testing our inks extensively in order to satisfy our own strict quality standards as well as industry benchmarks. Induction sealing of bottles and gallons ensures the inks are protected and tamper proof. Batch numbers ensure ink lots can be traced in case any technical issue arises. I can say that our inks are as close as 95 per cent or more to the original manufacturer’s inks. Our vast experience in ink formulations and solving problems that arise during printing enable us to serve our clients profoundly.”

Hawa is definitely upbeat about Fespa London and the success the company had. “We are printing live images with our TULIP VE33 inks showing true to life colours. It seems the stand location, design, and most of all the stunning quality of images we print on the stand have worked well to give a strong impression and attracts visitors,” concludes Hawa.


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