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3D Printing To Impact Construction In Saudi Arabia

Poised to greatly impact the GCC’s constructions sector, 3D building printing technology could prove to be a viable alternative to traditional construction methods for low-rise buildings.

Capable of creating solid 3D objects from a digital model designed through a computer aided design (CAD) or through the use of a 3D scanner, the technology could potentially print ‘layers’ of material and bind them together to create a seamless 3D product.

The benefits of the technology include a faster construction process, as well as reduced labour costs and waste generation. Utilised for homes and offices, such 3D printed structures could be erected and dismantled at an increased pace.

Dubai has already revealed plans to develop a 3D printed office in its city centre. The 20-foot tall structure is being developed by WinSun Global, a company that has previously constructed a 3D printed apartment building in China.

Andrew Elias, group CEO of Dubai based Kele Contracting said: “This modern and new method of construction will provide a very attractive solution to construction companies who wish to extend their projects to remote areas where traditional construction techniques prove challenging.

“I believe that the Saudi market in particular is among those with the most potential for this method of construction, due to the types and size of its developments, as well as the country’s landscape,” he added.

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