UAE: Xerox Unveils New Press

The new CP 1000i was introduced during a ceremony in Address Downtown Hotel


During a lavish ceremony in Dubai Address Downtown Hotel Xerox Emirates introduced  the Xerox CP1000i and the Gold/Silver metallic inks for the first in the region. This ecent was followed by a similar event in Abu Dhabi. Event’s keynote speaker was Pankaj Karla, Xerox marketing manager who explained about the Xerox new technology and the value it brings to digital printing customers.

The printer uses Xerox Specialty Dry Inks. The inks belong to the family of EA Dry Ink offered exclusively for the Xerox Color 800i/1000i Presses. The low-melt EA Dry Ink enables a vast substrate range, including plastics and other specialty stocks, that are only possible with low temperature process Xerox Specialty Dry Inks. 

According to Xerox ColorPress 1000i press delivers “sharp, rich, digitally mastered image quality.  It has flexible finishing options that add a professional finish to complement its image quality and clear dry inks. Xerox metallic dry inks offer eyecatching effects and added value  by helping printers replace traditional foil stamping, offset metallic inks and metallic papers with a digital alternative. The Automated Color Quality Suite of tools enables operators to output more high quality jobs.

Utilizing Xerox low-melt, EA (Emulsion Aggregation) Dry Ink and new fusing technology, the ColorPress 1000i offers a wider colour gamut that can produce vibrant images with “smooth sweeps.” Running all weights at rated speeds of 80 ppm or 100 ppm, the 1000i handles media from 55 gsm to 350 gsm.



Xerox Corporation is an American multinational document management corporation that produces and sells a range of color and black-and-white printers, multifunction systems, photo copiers, digital production printing presses, and related consulting services and supplies. Xerox is headquartered in Norwalk, Connecticut, though its largest population of employees is based around Rochester, New York.

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