British Industries Printing and Packaging Company Wins Ifra’s International Color Quality Award

Kuwaiti based British Industries Printing and Packaging Company bagged International Color Quality Award for 2020. The company received the award for its participation in Al- Rai newspaper competition. The Kuwaiti Printing power house was established in 1993 with primary services like books, magazines, newsletters, wrappers, annual reports, profile brochures, menus, calendars, folders, bags, danglers, wobblers, streamers and invitations. The company manufactures packaging products including boxes and other packages. The company is a subsidiary of Tamadeen Group.

From Right to Left: Riad Abu Daqr, Executive Vice President of British Industries & Yusef Al-Jalahmeh, CEO of Al-Rai Group

Vice Chairman and CEO of Al-Rai Media Group Yousef Al-Jalahmah praised the partnership between Al-Rai and the British Industries Printing and Packaging Company, which resulted in winning this important award.

He said that winning the award reflects Al-Rai’s commitment to offer its reader a high quality publication that boasts the best international standards. He added, “Al-Rai Media Group continues to modernize and streamline its various sectors to support the production of “Al-Rai” newspaper with the highest standards and maintain its leading position in Kuwait.”

The general manager of the British Industries Printing and Packaging Company, Riyadh Abu Daqar, executive vice president of the British Industries, said, “Despite the difficult circumstances that the world is going through we have been able to realize our dreams, thanks to our efforts in refining our production processes, improving workflow and the determination our work force who helped us to mitigate the crisis.”

The company is a member of Star Club. The Star Club has been inaugurated at IFRA exhibition in Hamburg in 2010. Membership is presented to a printing company in recognition of outstanding printing quality if it achieves five or more stars by participating successfully in the International Color Quality Club or by obtaining WAN-IFRA certification for standardised printing.

Ever since 1994, Color Quality Club (ICQC) is the only worldwide Biennial quality competition for newspapers and magazines with a goal to improve the quality of reproduction, while also increasing competitiveness as well as motivating all personnel. Publications that participate with success are awarded membership in the color quality club.

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